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Your Friendly HVAC Experts Serving Sapulpa, Bristow, and Kellyville

Howdy there, folks! Welcome to Route 66 HVAC and Mechanical – your friendly neighborhood HVAC heroes right here in Sapulpa, Bristow, and Kellyville. We’re downright proud to be your go-to folks for all things heating, cooling, and more.


Where We Do Our Thing



Now, Sapulpa’s our stompin’ grounds, and we’re mighty glad to serve our good friends here. Whether you’re sweatin’ it out in the summer heat or lookin’ to stay cozy when winter rolls around, we’re your local fixers. We know Sapulpa’s weather quirks like the back of our hand, and we’re here to keep your indoors just right, no matter what’s happenin’ outside.



Bristow, y’all are in for a treat too! From regular check-ups to those times when your HVAC needs a little more lovin’, we’ve got your back. We’re not just about comfort; we’re all about helpin’ you save on energy bills while keepin’ your place nice and toasty.



Now, Kellyville, we know that HVAC hiccups don’t wait for a convenient moment. That’s why we’re here 24/7, rain or shine. Whether it’s a quick fix or a major overhaul, our crew is ready to make sure your home or business stays comfortable and efficient.


Our Bag of Tricks

At Route 66 HVAC and Mechanical, we’ve got a whole heap of tricks up our sleeves to keep your place feelin’ just right. Here’s what we can do for you:

1. HVAC Setup

We’ll set you up with a top-notch heating and cooling system that fits your place like a glove. And don’t worry; our energy-saving options won’t break the bank.


Is your HVAC actin’ up? Our expert team can figure out what’s what and get things back to smooth sailin’ – no matter what brand or model you’re totin’.

3. HVAC Check-Ups

Regular check-ups are like givin’ your system a good ol’ oil change. They keep things runnin’ smooth and prevent costly breakdowns. Our check-up plans have you covered.

4. Indoor Air Quality

We reckon clean indoor air is just good livin’. Our air purifiers and ventilation systems can clear out the dust and make sure you’re breathin’ easy.

5. Biz-Friendly HVAC

Business folks, we’ve got your back too. We’ll make sure your commercial HVAC keeps your crew and customers comfy and smilin’.


Why Us?

Local Know-How: We know the lay of the land here in Sapulpa, Bristow, and Kellyville, so you get tailored solutions.

Top-Notch Service: We’ve got the smarts and the friendliness to deliver first-class HVAC service.

Saving Green: We’re all about eco-friendly HVAC that saves you cash and keeps Mother Earth smilin’.

Round-the-Clock Help: Emergencies don’t punch a time clock, and neither do we.

Fair Deals: We believe in keepin’ it honest and fair so you can get the help you need.


Holler at Us!

Ready to get the best HVAC help in Sapulpa, Bristow, and Kellyville? Give Route 66 HVAC and Mechanical a call at good ol’ 918-789-4822. We’re here to schedule a chat or give you a free estimate. Can’t wait to make your place as comfy as a pair of worn-in boots.

Come on and join our Route 66 HVAC and Mechanical family, where your comfort and happiness are what we’re all about. We’re your local HVAC folks, and we’re here to make things just right.